What Is the Best Bell Tent? 9 Top Picks

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Are you looking for a tent that’s comfortable, spacious, and durable like no other? If so, then the bell tent just might be the perfect option for you. Not only is it incredibly versatile and roomy compared to ordinary tents, but its unique form of construction makes it one of the toughest on the market all while maintaining a fashionable look. In this article, we will discuss what ‘bell tent’ means in detail as well as compare how it differs from teepee tents. Furthermore, we will explore 9 of the best bell tents available right now depending on your camping needs!


What is a Bell Tent?


A bell tent is a unique and recognizable tent style known for its distinct bell-shaped design. This type of tent stands out due to its elegant and spacious structure created by a central pole that holds up the canvas and forms the characteristic curved silhouette. The design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also offers practical benefits.

Traditionally, bell tents were crafted from cotton canvas, but contemporary versions now employ various materials such as polyester-cotton blends for improved durability and weather resistance. The central pole not only supports the tent but also provides a central hanging point for lanterns, fans, or other accessories, eliminating the need for multiple interior poles. With multiple windows and vents, they offer excellent ventilation. Due to their spacious and comfortable interiors, bell tents are utilized for diverse purposes, from family camping trips to luxury glamping experiences. The circular layout encourages socializing and creates a cozy atmosphere that's perfect for gatherings.

Bell Tent vs Teepee Tent, What’ the Difference?

Bell tents and teepee tents are two popular tent styles, each with its own unique features and advantages. Here's a breakdown of the key differences between the two:

1. Shape and Design:

  • Bell Tent: Bell tents have a distinctive rounded bell shape with a central pole that supports the canvas and creates a spacious interior. They often have multiple windows and vents for ventilation.
  • Teepee Tent: Teepee tents, also known as tipi tents, have a conical shape with a single center pole. They usually have a smoke hole at the top for a campfire or stove.

2. Setup:

  • Bell Tent: Bell tents are relatively easy to set up, with the central pole and stakes as the main components. But they may require a bit more effort due to their size.
  • Teepee Tent: Teepee tents are also simple to set up, as they mainly consist of the outer canvas and the center pole. The conical shape requires proper tensioning for stability.

3. Interior Space:

  • Bell Tent: The rounded walls of a bell tent provide more usable interior space and allow campers to move comfortably inside. They are often used for group camping and glamping.
  • Teepee Tent: While teepee tents have a unique look, their sloping walls may slightly limit usable space compared to bell tents.

4. Weather Resistance:

  • Bell Tent: With its sturdy design and quality materials, a bell tent can handle various weather conditions and even accommodate a stove for heating in cold weather.
  • Teepee Tent: Teepee tents might be more suitable for moderate weather conditions.

5. Aesthetic and Vibes:

  • Bell Tent: Bell tents often exude a luxurious and cozy vibe, making them popular for glamping and stylish camping experiences.
  • Teepee Tent: Teepee tents offer a more traditional and rustic camping feel, appealing to those who prefer a classic outdoor atmosphere.

In summary, the choice between a bell tent and a teepee tent depends on your camping style, preferences, and intended use. Bell tents provide more interior space and modern comfort, while teepee tents offer a unique shape and traditional camping charm.

9 Best Bell Tent for Comfort and Style

We have handpicked the top 9 bell tents for you, each offering unique features to cater to different needs. Let's dive in these bell tent reviews:

1. WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent 20 ft

  • Price: Approx. £881
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
  • Material: 100% Cotton DYNADUCK Pro Canvas 10.1 oz fabric
  • Capacity: 10 People


The WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent offers the epitome of luxury camping. Crafted from premium 100% cotton DYNADUCK Pro Canvas, this tent is not only water-repellent but also ensures excellent breathability, making it suitable for all seasons. With a generous diameter of 20 ft and a max height of 11 ft 2 in, it can comfortably sleep up to 10 people. The included stove jack allows you to stay warm during chilly nights, while the ample ventilation ensures a cool breeze during hot summer days.

2. TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent Waterproof Bell Tent 20 ft

  • Price: Approx. £509
  • Weight: 114 lbs
  • Waterproof: Waterproof with weather skirt
  • Material: Cotton Canvas 285 g/m4
  • Capacity: 12+ People


The TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent combines classic style with modern features. Its heavy-duty interwoven polymer floor and 100% cotton canvas construction make it durable and waterproof, ensuring you stay dry in any weather. With a spacious floor size of 240 x 240 inches and a max height of 11 ft 2 in, it can easily accommodate 12+ people. The removable sidewalls allow you to convert it into an open canopy for maximum ventilation during the day.

3. DANCHEL OUTDOOR 4 Season Canvas Yurt Tent

  • Price: Approx. £627
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Waterproof: Water-resistant
  • Material: 285 GSM 100% cotton canvas
  • Capacity: 12+ People


The Robens Klondike bell tent is a top choice for adventurers seeking a blend of modern performance and classic aesthetics. Its waterproof canvas khaki provides excellent weather resistance and breathability. The zip-in groundsheet and multiple mesh windows ensure proper ventilation and versatility for your camping needs.

4. KingCamp Khan Glamping Canvas Bell Tent 16.4 ft

  • Price: Approx. £691
  • Weight: 75lbs
  • Waterproof : Water-resistant
  • Material: 100% Cotton 285/㎡
  • Capacity: 8 People


The KingCamp Khan Glamping Canvas Bell Tent is designed to accommodate 8 to 10 people, this tent offers a spacious and comfortable retreat in the great outdoors. The tent's unique design includes higher walls for added space and comfort, and a double-walled structure with versatile mesh options for ventilation, insect protection, and shade. With features like snow skirts for insulation and a dual chimney design for safety with camping stoves, this tent combines functionality with comfort for year-round enjoyment.

5. Stout Tent Ultimate Series 5M Ultimate Single Wall Waterproof Canvas Bell Tent

  • Price: Approx. £628
  • Weight: 15.9 Ounces
  • Waterproof Level: 100% Waterproof
  • Material: Double stitched Cotton Canvas
  • Capacity: 5 People


The Stout Tent Ultimate Series 5M combines classic canvas with modern features for exceptional performance. The natural double stitched Cotton Canvas and waterproof PVC groundsheet ensure longevity and protection against moisture. With superior waterproofing and excellent ventilation, this light weight bell tent promises a comfortable and dry camping experience.

6. Robens Klondike

  • Price: Approx. £1052
  • Weight: 35.3 lbs
  • Waterproof : Protective eaves to prevent water
  • Material: Hydrotex Polycotton (65% cotton, 35% polyester)
  • Capacity: 6 People


The Robens Klondike poly cotton bell tent is suitable for family camping. The polycotton material offers a good balance between breathability and weather resistance. Its unique zip-in groundsheet allows you to roll up the sides for a more open camping experience in fair weather.

7. Alpkit Roundhouse 4 Person Luxury Polycotton Bell Tent

  • Price: Approx. £568
  • Weight: 26.94 lbs
  • Waterproof Level: 100% Waterproof
  • Material: Polycotton 210gsm - 65% polyester / 35% Organic Cotton
  • Capacity: 4 People


The Alpkit Roundhouse is a cozy bell tent perfect for a small group or family camping. Its robust cotton canvas and integrated bathtub groundsheet ensure durability and waterproof protection. The side D-shaped mesh and door ports not only enhance ventilation but also ensure easy access. Packing up is a breeze, thanks to the oversized stuff bag with compression straps.

8. Nordisk Asgard 12.6 m² glamping tent

  • Price: Approx. £799.99
  • Weight: 35.27 lbs
  • Waterproof : Large A-door protects against rain
  • Material: Polycotton (65% cotton, 35% polyester)
  • Capacity: 6 People


The Nordisk Asgard 12.6 m² glamping tent is a sanctuary for up to 6 sleepers. Its spacious design is adorned with a large A-door that shields against rain while offering easy access. The tent creates an extraordinary sleeping ambiance, and its adjustable center pole ensures a snug fit. For ventilation aficionados, the sides can be conveniently rolled up.

9. Toogh Regatta Bell Tent 4 Season Glamping Tent for 10 People

  • Price: £755.79
  • Weight: 28.6 lbs
  • Waterproof : 10000mm waterproof rating
  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Capacity: 10 People


Elevate your camping experience with the Toogh Regatta Bell Tent. Accommodating up to 10 people, this 4-season glamping tent boasts durable Oxford cloth construction and a remarkable waterproof level of 10000mm. Sturdy steel poles provide stability, while windows and roof vents ensure ventilation.

No matter which best bell tent you choose from our carefully curated list, you can be assured of a delightful camping experience. Each camping tent offers its unique features and style, catering to a wide range of camping preferences. Happy camping!


Investing in a best bell tent in UK can transform your camping experience from ordinary to extraordinary. With their unique design, durability, and spacious interiors, these tents provide a luxurious way to connect with nature without sacrificing comfort. Whether you're planning a family getaway or a glamping adventure, a bell tent is a worthy investment that promises unforgettable memories.