Inflatable Sofa Large Chaise Longue Durable Nylon

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Expanded Size
145 x 70 x 35 cm
57.1" x 27.5" x 13.7"
Folding Size
48 x 11 x 6 cm

18.8" x 4.3" x 2.3" 

Weight (KG)
Bearing Weight (KG)
Black, Green, Orange, Blue
  • Portable and Easy to Carry:  The sofa can be packed in a storage bag measuring only 48 cm in length, which can be easily stored in cars.
  • Comfortable and Stable: The nylon material on the outside of the sofa is soft to the touch, and the ergonomic design supports and fits every part of the human body to achieve maximum comfort. 
  • State-of-the-art Design: It offers the latest patented technology that eliminates any need for an air pump, providing great convenience and ease of use in one stylish package.
  • This ergonomically designed sofa is an ideal fit for the human body, providing optimal comfort and relaxation with its zero gravity design that evenly supports the body.
  • The fabric is composed of three layers for superior protection: parachute nylon, a waterproof layer, and hot-melt adhesive, all meeting strict European standards. The material provides an airy feel with smooth skin touch, plus it's non-toxic and formaldehyde free. The 400-degree high-temperature bonding at seam points combined with secondary reinforcement offers you unparalleled durability.
  • The iron clasps are made to resist daily wear and tear and will last for a long time.
Travelling, Camping, Fishing, Boating, Van life, Beach Use, Parties, Picnics, and much more.
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