2000 Watt Solar Generator Run What? The Complete Guide

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In the pursuit of clean and sustainable energy solutions, solar generators have emerged as a versatile and eco-friendly option for powering various appliances. Among these, the 2000 watt solar generator stands out as a popular choice due to its balance between power output and portability. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into what will 2000 watt generator run, its capabilities, and the best 2000 watt generators.


What Is a 2000 Watt Solar Generator


A 2000-watt solar generator refers to a power unit that has the capacity to deliver up to 2000 watts of electrical power. The "2000 watt" specification indicates the generator's power output capability, which means that the generator can provide a sustained output of 2000 watts of electricity. For example, it can power appliances like laptops, smartphones, LED lights, fans, small kitchen appliances, and even some medium-sized devices such as refrigerators or microwaves. It's a versatile solution that offers a balance between power output and portability, making it suitable for a range of scenarios, from outdoor adventures to emergency backup power.

Components of a 2000 Watt Solar Generator

A typical 2000 watt solar power generator consists of several key components that work together to capture, store, and deliver electrical energy:

  • Solar Panels: These panels are equipped with photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electrical energy. The solar panels are usually foldable or detachable, allowing for easy setup and portability.
  • Battery Storage System: The captured solar energy is stored in a built-in battery system. This battery acts as a reservoir for the energy generated by the solar panels. The capacity of the battery determines how much energy can be stored and used when sunlight is not available.
  • Inverter: Solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, but most household appliances use alternating current (AC). The inverter converts the stored DC energy into AC energy, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Outlets and Ports: A 2000 watt solar generator typically comes equipped with various outlets and ports, including AC outlets, USB ports, DC outlets, and sometimes even USB-C or USB-PD ports. These allow you to connect and power different devices simultaneously.

How a 2000 Watt Solar Generator Works

The process of converting sunlight into usable electricity involves several steps:

  1. Sunlight Capture: The solar panels are positioned to receive direct sunlight. When sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells within the panels, it excites electrons, creating an electric current.
  2. DC Generation: The excited electrons create a direct current (DC) flow of electricity. This DC electricity is then sent to the battery storage system for immediate use or for later storage.
  3. Battery Storage: The battery system stores the excess electricity generated by the solar panels. This stored energy can be used during cloudy days, nighttime, or when the demand for power exceeds the solar panel's real-time generation capacity.
  4. Inverter Conversion: When you connect a device to the generator's outlets, the inverter comes into play. It converts the stored DC electricity from the battery into the alternating current (AC) electricity that most household appliances require.
  5. Device Powering: With the converted AC electricity, you can now power a variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones, lights, fans, and more.

By harnessing the power of the sun, the 2000 watt solar generators provides a convenient source of electricity for both outdoor adventures and everyday needs.

How to Determine Wattage Requirements of Appliances


Determining what can a 2000 watt generator run at once is crucial when using it, to ensure that you don't exceed its capacity and can effectively power your devices. Here's how you can determine the wattage requirements of appliances:

  • Check Appliance Labels: Many appliances have labels or stickers that provide information about their power consumption. Look for a label that indicates the appliance's wattage or power usage. This label is often located on the back or bottom of the appliance.
  • Read the Manual: If you have the appliance's user manual, it may include information about its power consumption. Look for specifications related to electrical usage or power requirements.
  • Use a Wattage Meter: If the appliance doesn't have a clear label indicating its wattage, you can use a wattage meter or power meter. These devices plug into an outlet and the appliance is plugged into the meter. It then measures the device's power consumption in real time.
  • Wattage Calculation: If you can't find the exact wattage but have information about voltage and current (amps), you can calculate the wattage using the formula: Wattage (W) = Voltage (V) x Current (A).
  • Consider Total Wattage Requirement: Make a list of all the appliances and devices you intend to power using the generator. Add up the running watts of all the appliances you plan to use simultaneously. This gives you the total continuous power required under regular operation.
  • Account for Starting Watts: For appliances with motors or compressors (like refrigerators, air conditioners, or power tools), you need to account for their starting watts. Identify the appliance with the highest starting wattage, and add that amount to your running watts total. (NOTE: Starting watts, also known as surge watts, refer to the temporary power surge that occurs when an appliance is first turned on. This surge is often higher than the continuous running wattage and needs to be accounted for to prevent overloading the generator.)
  • Compare to Generator Capacity: Compare the total wattage requirement to the capacity of your 2000 watt solar generator. Make sure that the total wattage requirement is below the generator's capacity to ensure safe and efficient operation.

By factoring in both running watts and starting watts and ensuring that your total requirement is within the capacity of your 2000 watt solar generator, you can effectively and safely power a range of appliances without overloading the system.

What Appliances Can a 2000 Watt Solar Generator Power?


A 2000-watt solar generator can power a wide range of appliances, from small electronic devices to essential household equipment. Let's categorize these appliances based on their power consumption so that you can get the answer to “what can I run on a 2000 watt generator”:

High-Power Appliances (Running Watts):

  • Refrigerator (600-800 watts)
  • Microwave (1000-1500 watts)
  • Space Heater (750-1500 watts)
  • Coffee Maker (800-1200 watts)
  • Toaster Oven (1200-1800 watts)
  • Electric Kettle (1200-1500 watts)
  • Blender (300-1000 watts)

Medium-Power Appliances (Running Watts):

  • Laptop (30-200 watts)
  • LED TV (40-200 watts)
  • Box Fan (50-100 watts)
  • Router (5-20 watts)

Low-Power Appliances (Running Watts):

  • LED Lights (5-15 watts per bulb)
  • Smartphone Charger (5-10 watts)
  • Radio (5-20 watts)
  • Electric Toothbrush (1-5 watts)

Remember that the specific models and efficiency of appliances can vary, affecting their power consumption. Always check the appliance's documentation for accurate power ratings, and consider both running and starting watts when determining if an appliance can be safely powered by your 2000 watt solar generator.

Best 2000 Watt Solar Generator

When it comes to choosing a best best 2000w solar generator, several options stand out in the market. Here are three top contenders:

1. Anker 767 Solar Generator


The Anker 767 Solar Generator is a power solution for on-the-go convenience. With a robust 2048Wh capacity and a cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery, you'll have reliable energy at your fingertips. Boasting 10 charging ports, it fuels all your devices effortlessly. What's more, choose from 1 to 4 optional 200W solar panels for extra versatility. Experience limitless power wherever you venture.

2. BLUETTI 2000Wh Solar Generator AC200P with Three PV200


With a massive 2000Wh capacity and advanced LiFePO4 battery, the BLUETTI 2000Wh Solar Generator AC200 offers unwavering energy. Its pure sine wave inverter ensures clean power, while the 4800W surge capacity handles peak loads. The package's inclusion of three 200W PV200 solar panels boosts capacity and sustainability. For versatile and reliable portable power, the BLUETTI AC200P is a top-tier choice.

3. EcoFlow Solar Generator DELTA Max with 100W Flexible Solar Panels


The EcoFlow Solar Generator DELTA Max is a true embodiment of power and innovation. With a remarkable 2016Wh battery capacity and an impressive 5000W surge power capability, it's engineered to handle even the most demanding energy requirements. Boasting six AC outlets with a total output of 2400W, it's a reliable source of power for various appliances and devices. What's more, the package includes 100W Flexible Solar Panels, enhancing its eco-friendly and portable energy solution.


The 2000 watt solar generator presents a versatile solution for powering various appliances, making it suitable for outdoor adventures, emergency backup, and even remote work setups. By understanding what can a 2000 watt solar panel power, you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy without compromising on functionality.